Alfredo Rodriguez



Alfredo is a veteran of the USMC and a former boxer who once fought a match against an Olympic Bronze medalist.  He also has a deep passion for his family and his community. Following his military experience, Alfred along with his wife Alicia started giving back to the communities in San Diego and Hayward. Both spent 12 years on the San Felipe Sister City Committee and donated school goods and fund raised for scholarships. Alfredo coached at Hayward High School for over 15 years, where he instructed and mentored the youth.


What Alfredo loves most about this vintage inspired era was how people enjoyed themselves by dressing up and having fun. The people were hard working and knew how to enjoy themselves in style.


Alfredo was recently appointed to the advisory board of Business Development Downtown Hayward, where he hopes to contribute to the growth and prosperity of his beloved city. His primary goal with Vintage Alley is to see the love of his life, Alicia, be successful with Vintage Alley - Salon & Inspired Vintage Boutique.

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